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Progressive Media Group is a leading provider that specializes in e-card solutions and corporate holiday e-cards. Initially established in 2003 as a full-service web design company, our industry knowledge, combined with diverse practical experience using multimedia on the web, allows us to deliver effective e-card solutions that drive online success.

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Some Samples of our E-Cards

Winter Dreams

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If you’re looking for elegance and sincerity, our Winter Dreams e-card could be the perfect solution. This e-card uses black and white photography that is smoothly animated, appropriate warm wishes text, and a dreamy audio track that works wonderfully to send your Holiday wishes to Clients.

Happy City Holiday

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This upbeat and happy Photo and Text E-Card uses a combination of black & white and color photography, with an upbeat and energetic melody to create a pleasant and fun experience Clients.

After Hours

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This business holiday e-card is great for those seeking a smooth and sophisticated look. Slowly animated, full landscape photos, combined with visually intriguing text layers and a catchy audio track make this a great choice for the holidays, New Year's or as a corporate Thanksgiving e-card. The snowflakes in this e-card can be converted to stars - perfect for any season.

New Sparkling Mosaics

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A complex and intriguing business ecard animation that combines visuals of triangular infused mosaic patterns accented with a tantalizing sparkle effect bringing text and photos to life. The audio track cleverly complements the animation sequences throughout with a reserved and inviting music-box-like melody making this ecard useable for almost any occasion.

Cheerful Times

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This cheerful and upbeat Holiday e-card is great for the hip and modern business. This e-card also works well for health and hospitality related businesses like Spas, Resorts, Hotels, etc.

New Delightful Origami

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Great for almost any occasion. Delightful and cheery, this ecard for business embraces the concept of Japanese paper folding art, origami, to create a fun and friendly egreeting. The happy-go-lucky audio track adds the perfect compliment. Snowflakes can be changed to stars. Works great with up to three colours. and upbeat Holiday e-card works great for hip and modern businesses. Also well for Health related businesses like Spas, Resorts, etc.

Peaceful Wishes

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This Holiday E-Card creates a sense of peacefulness and warmth by using crisp and smoothly animated photos synced to an audio track that carries the gentle melody of an acoustic guitar.

Winter Forest

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This e-card uses a winter, holiday-esque audio track that creates a sensitive and hopeful tone. Accompanied by animated winter and forest illustration, this e-card is perfect for the winter holidays.

Evening Elegance

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With a relaxed & smooth jazz audio track, soft & subtle animations and elegant floral patterns, this corporate holiday e-card is perfect for any business looking to send holiday greetings. Snowflakes can be changed to stars upon request.

Holiday Hop

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Have recipients hopping around the office with this upbeat and cheerful holiday e-greeting. Audio consisting of chimes, bells and infectious humming round out this animation with glass-like reflections.

Smooth Jazz

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With a laid-back and reserved drum beat paired with interesting piano progressions, the audio creates a mellow, yet sophisticated tone. The use of a stripped and textured background with subtle highlights pairs well with the audio to create a smooth and jazzy feel.

Happy Go Lucky Holiday

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This happy-go-lucky customizable business e-card combines staff photos, animated objects and a catchy, feel-good tune that creates a warm and caring feeling.

Holiday Party Time

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This customizable e-card uses staff photos and an upbeat audio track to create an energetic and fun experience that effectively conveys seasonal wishes to Clients.

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