E-Card Feature Add-ons

Our e-card add-ons provide extra functionality, personalization and tools to aid in the hosting and delivery of e-cards.

Signatures E-Card Insert

Add another personal touch to your e-card by including the signatures of your company’s owner, partners, management team, staff, etc. Our Signatures E-card Insert gets prominently displayed at the end of the e-card.

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Personalization E-Card Insert

If you're looking for separate, personalized versions for staff where each includes a personal message and photo, our Personalization E-Card Insert allows just that!

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Group Photo E-Card Insert

Show your smiles! Include a group photo of your team at the end of your business e-card when you add on our Group Photo E-card Insert.

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Donation E-Card Insert

Perfect for Non-Profits. Visible at the end of your e-card, our Donation E-Card Insert displays your donation message, a logo and a link to your donate page.

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Address Change E-Card Insert

Planning to Move? Want to get the word out? Our Address Change E-Card Insert displays your new contact information, and a clickable image (e.g. a map linking to your website's contact page).

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Additional Languages

If you have Clients or Customers in other countries where their native language is not English, you can have additional versions of your e-card created in almost any language you require.

Additional Versions

If you require additional versions of your e-card with slight variations like: a different logo; different colors; OR different text, we can accommodate you.

Additional Image Versions

If you require additional versions of your e-card with different images/photos, we can create them.

Temporary E-Card Hosting

Having your corporate holiday greeting cards hosted on your company or organization's domain (the company website), is our recommended solution when hosting e-cards ordered from us. Although, for many businesses, working with their IT department to post some files on the website doesn't go quite the way they had hoped. Or maybe there’s another reason? Either way, for clients who require hosting, we offer temporary e-card hosting solutions. We host your e-card on our own servers and purchase a unique domain for you to use for duration of the hosting term.

E-mail Delivery Services

When clients send their message to many recipients, we always recommend using an e-mail marketing application over their traditional e-mail programs. This way, you can more efficiently send e-mails and monitor effectiveness through statistics. If you have access to an application like this, great! You're ready to go! If not, you can add-on our E-Mail Delivery Services and let us take care of the sending.

* Feature Add-ons sometimes have specific server requirements in order to work correctly within your website's hosting environment. If applicable, we will let you know what these requirements entail before we start your project.

** Some Feature Add-ons may not be available to every e-card style we offer. If applicable, we will let you know if an add-on can be used with a specific e-card before we start your project.