About Us

Our true value lies in our ability to help Clients achieve their goals by educating them; collaborating on ideas and devising viable web strategies that make sense.

In early 2003, we started out as a small web design and multimedia company operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Eager to utilize our skills and aggressively learn new ones, we rarely ever said no to a new project that provided an opportunity for us to venture into new territory. We had the knowledge and proficiency in web development, internet culture, interface design, and more which we used to gain experience in the field and find our true passion.

We have since discovered our passion to help new businesses develop and grow by leveraging today’s web tools. We have also been lucky enough to experiment with a number of web methodologies and technologies to help build business visibility online through search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.

Also through our ventures, we have gained considerable understanding of how powerful niche markets are. In fact, it’s not just the search engines that level the playing fields for businesses operating online, but also the ability to become an influencer and/or leader in your niche. Also, knowing how important it is to understand the culture of the space before entering is not something the average client realizes or even comprehends.

Irrespective of the size of your business and the types of products or services you offer, understanding customer psychology and preferences and how it affects your business each day is essential, especially if you wish to win over your customers and enhance professional relationships. It goes without saying customers like to feel valued. The warm feeling that you care for them, value their opinions, help you gain their trust and loyalty.

From our experience, we know our true value lies in our ability to help clients achieve their goals by educating them, collaborating on ideas and devising viable web strategies that make sense.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue focusing on our strengths and remain in-demand. Our mission continues to be an essential resource to clients for web consulting, online marketing strategies, corporate ecards and for investing into new and exciting online ventures.