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Explainer Video Design Packages

Where do I begin? It's a common question. Our explainer video design packages cover the most common elements based on typical client requirements.


30-seconds or less
Creative script writing
Voice over
Background music
1 revision round



60-seconds or less
Creative script writing
Professional Voice over
Character design
Sound effects
Background music
2 revision rounds



120-seconds or less
Creative script writing
Professional Voice over
Unique Character design
Sound effects+
Motion Graphics
Visual effects
3D elements
Background music
3 revision rounds



TV commercial?
Specific duration?
3D animation?
Choose elements from packages?


Which package is right for me?


Great for businesses with small budgets, looking for a high-quality explainer video to market their product or service in a cost-effective way.


Great for businesses with moderate budgets. Includes everything from our Starter package, but adds a character design, professional voice over and more animation.


Great for business looking for top-notch explainer videos to convey their concepts and generate more brand awareness. 2D animation will be combined with some motion graphics and the use of 3D elements. Also included, we’ll design a unique character for your video.


Great for businesses with specific requirements. Typically, longer explainer videos, TV commercials, live video, use of actors, highly detailed animations (e.g. architectural visualizations, urban environments, etc.) fall under this package. With your requirements in-hand, we can customize an ideal video production package for you.

How does the process work?

  1. 1. You place your order by calling us or clicking the ‘Order’ button for the package you’d like. Then, complete the order form.
  2. 2. We confirm receipt of your order by contacting you.
  3. 3. We’ll discuss the project with you and develop a full understanding of your requirements. This includes researching and submersing ourselves in your product or service.
  4. 4. We begin writing a script that effectively communicates your message and present it to you for review and approval.
  5. 5. We develop a storyboard for your project which helps visualize the graphics we'll use and the video's flow from scene-to-scene. A storyboard is crucial to the process as it depicts what the outcome of the final video will be.
  6. 6. Using the script, we’ll produce the voice-overs in English or another language required for your project.
  7. 7. We begin the production process which includes refining and starting to animate the elements and graphics presented to you during the storyboarding stage. After this, we’ll send you the video for review and approval.
  8. 8. Once the video has been approved, we’ll start to polish it with background music and sound effects. Once complete, we will send it to you for approval.
  9. 9. The final video files in various formats are delivered to you.
  10. 10. Use the video to tell the World about your amazing new product or service!

Let us make it easy for you!

Explainer Videos:
Because you can’t say it all in words!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business owner you will always be looking for tools and techniques to increase your sales and bottom line. Well, a sale could only be closed successfully if the customer understands your company and is able to understand the need of your product in their daily lives. For this reason, a new trend of including an explainer video on a company’s webpage is gaining popularity.

In short, explainer video is an elevator pitch that a business makes to its target audience and potential customers. Explainer video for businesses are used to visually convey any information about your business and the product or service you offer. This is because visuals and graphical imagery registers your brand image and business idea in a customer’s mind fairly quickly and improves brand recognition and retention.

Why You Must Have an Explainer Video on Your Website

No it’s not necessary, it’s imperative in today’s business environment to get your message across in a visual manner.

Increased Conversion Rates

Not all people that visit your website make that extra move to buy your product or subscribe to a service. The problem can be overcome by adding a product explainer video or a service explainer video so that the customer could get a better idea about your product or your service, why they need it and can actually imagine themselves using it. According to a study done by EyeView, they found an 80% increase in conversions from visitors watching a video on a landing page.

"...80% increase in conversions from visitors watching a video..."

Explainer videos clarify the objective of your company

Animated explainer videos explain to your target market the objectives of your company by using interactive graphics and animations that our not only visually appealing and interactive, but also expository in nature. Also, customers quickly and more easily get the basics of your product or service by watching explainer videos for training purposes.

"...customers quickly and more easily get the basics of your product or service..."

Generate Increased Interest

The more people are able to understand what your company does, the higher the chances are that they would take interest in your product and services and become your potential customers. The animated character in your animated explainer video becomes the identity of your brand.

"The more people understand, the higher the chances they become customers..."

Marketing Potential

A compounding effect occurs when your explainer video gets shared by people over social media. This not only increases your potential customers, but also generates word of mouth, improves brand recognition and ultimately your search engine ranking.

"...compounding effect when your explainer video gets shared over social media..."

Effectiveness of Explainer Videos

If you want to check out the effectiveness of explainer videos you should take a look at the following corporate explainer videos that grabbed the attention of people and led to a rise in the conversion ratio after they included an explainer video on their webpage.

Explainer Video Company in Toronto

If we have been able to convince you about the importance of explainer videos and the positive impact that a corporate explainer video would have on your bottom line, then contact us today!